why this site uses google ads and analytics

and why I don't blame you for using an ad blocker.

As already mentioned in my last Post about why zshthem.es changed, I came to this site like the the maiden to the child. A little unprepared..
Let me explain, why I use ads and analytics.

Ads are bad and only shameless business sharks use them!

Well, not only.
Sometimes it's only the guys who think that it's easy to make some money on the Internet. You can easily tell them apart from quality content. You find the keywords litterally spilled all over the texts without really saying a word about what you were looking for.

That's bad monkeys behaviour and you should not give them a banana!

Things fortunately happen to be a little different in the linux and open source world. Even on the internet.
When I decided to ask for this site, I was not aware, that the domain itself would cost about 80 Euros per year. Hosting not included.
Hosting doesn't raise the price a lot, since I already have a root server, so I can host the site for no cost extra.

I could also afford to pay for the site. That's not the matter. But If you are just a little bit like I am, you don't care about ads. I know they are there, but I don't really recognize them any more. That's why I also don't use an adblocker. Who ever writes content that is good enough to keep me reading for a few minutes, kind of deserves to make some money with it. They spend their time with it, in the end.

So you like ads and deserve to get paid for your "content"?

I'd say that I don't really care about that either. Keeping this site up is not related to it beeing a business case of any kind. But if it makes enough money to not cost me anything, why should I not use adsense.. ? Use an adblocker if you wish to. No blame on that.
On top of that, I also try to select ads just from categories, that I feel good with. Stuff including technology, books, education, movies.. No casinos or the like.

And what if this site makes you rich?

Haha! You bet.
Let me just say this: The first mont got me 0.72 Euros so far. Multiply this by 12 and you know how rich I will be by the end of a year. :D
And if it should really pay off, I mean like REALLY, I'll donate some of the money to open source projects. That's how my worlds works.
I pay for free pictures on pixabay,
buy food for homeless people,
donate to opensource project,
and even donate to ubuntu for my server image download.

It's up to you now. Keep the ad engines running. Or just disable them. Either way, zshthem.es will stay. ;)

And while we talke about that:

I use google analytics to find out what kind of content is of no interest, so I can try to provide more of what you like. That's that. Nothing more.