why zshthem.es changed

.. and how I got to be the owner..

Early 2016 I changed from my standard linux shell "bash" to the z shell. Not short after that I discovered oh-my-zsh and so the journey started.
This post describes my way to zsh and why zshthem.es has a new owner and a new look.

So that was bash, but what is next?

Since my complete change from Windows 7 to Ubuntu a couple of years ago, I grew quite comortable with Linux in general, but the shell in special. I started working as a full time linux administrator in a small IT company and needed to know bash better than any gui. This, by the way, took me some time to become a really loved job..

As things progressed and I got in contact with more and more other linux admins and power users, I found that some of them didn't even use bash.
And that's where most of my quality time went down the river for the next few weeks. I read a lot of blog posts about the c shell, ash, bash again, etc. etc. But what really kept me interested was zsh. There were just so many people that claimed to never change to any other shell ever. Like: EVER. Period.

Not short after I installed zsh I found oh-my-zsh. Well... you might probably guess what happened. I landed here. Just as you did. And many others every day.
The page header back in the days had a note, that the site is looking for a new owner. So I decided to send an email to the owner, Matthew. (Thank you so much again Matthew!)
We wrote a couple of emails back and forth about how to transfer data and domain name and then finally - after a couple of weeks - the transfer was complete.

From now on and hopefully for a long time to be, I'll try my best to make zshthem.es a little more valuable to Linux and OSX users that want to make more of their command line.

Hope you enjoy it!